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Spa and toiletry bag Sander

Home for your favorite cosmetic items. Comfortable also to use as wash bag to gym or pool.


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We have designed our toiletry bag Sander mostly for boys/men, keeping the straight lines in design and using straight colours. 

Sander is made from moisture proof PVC, plastic layers are on outside and inside, between layers we reused men’s shirts and ties, giving them a new life inside elegant washbag. In order to take Sander with you to shower, we added sidestrap so you can comfortably hang the bas

Our Sander’sare mostly unique items, 100% handmade.

Measurements:L25 x H16 x D9 cm

Material: 100% PVC.

Our aim in creating such beautiful pvc items is to reduce using one time plastic bags while going to gym or pool.

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