Transparent zipper pocket

Great addition to your cosmetic-or spaabag! Replacement to plastic bag.


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We created our transparent zipper pocket as additional for spaabag Stella. For example it is convinient to put there after swimming your wet swimwear, sponge or etc. You can use it also as small separate bag to take with you teethbrush or etc. This pocket is also allowed to use on airports security control to show your liquid bottles.

Zipper pocket is moisture proof, made from special plastic and stiches are specially treated.

Pocket edges are made from furniture leather and they are leftovers from local furniture industry. Edges are in three colours; white, beige and black.

During making your online order, please make your favorite colour on notes.

Price is for 1 bag

De la Rose bags are 100%  Estonian handwork

Measurements: width 24cm x height 18cm 

Material: 100% PVC 

Our aim in making moisture proof bags is to reduce usage of one time plastic bags.


Additional information

Dimensions 24 × 7 × 18 cm

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Läbipaistev PVC plastik kanditud kunstnahast/mööblinahast naharibadega