Spabag Sanne

Lovely and practical SPAbag, convenient to take with you to gym or pool.


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SPAbag “Sanne”is made from clear plastic and beautiful fabrics between those moisture-proof layers. Bag is developed and approved by users to carry it on your trips to SPA, to swimming pool, to sauna, for travelling: anywhere you could need moisture-proof bag.

Sanne is a bit taller, than other bags, so it helps to keep your shampoo bottles standing in upright position. Bag is openend by zipper to both sides.

De la Rose Sanne bags are mostly unique items, 100% handmade in Estonia.

Measurements: W14x H24 x D7 cm

Material: 100%PVC + effect fabric.
Our aim in creating such beautiful pvc items is to reduce using one time plastic bags while going to gym or pool.

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 7 × 24 cm

Kahe niiskuskindla PVC kile vahele on asetatud efektne lilleline kangas