Make yourself visible!

Reflector is elegant to hang either to bag or to your jacket/coat.


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We all knew already, how necessary is to wear reflector during dark times in our climate zone. It is the cheapest insurance, what you can allow to yourself!

For making our reflectors we are using also some leftovers form other parts of production: basic leather/fabric is leftover from local furniture production, nice ribbon around the reflector is leftover from our bags production, but reflector strap itself is new and also is new the hanging ring on top of reflector.

You can hang reflector to your current bag or jacket or coat. Our reflector are nice and elegant, so you can easily wear them with every style of clothing/bags.

Our reflectors are all slightly different in a meaning of nice ribbon. You can choose in ordering the base colour/material of reflector- do you like more black, white, brown or etc.

Price is for one pcs
Measurements: lenght (without metal parts) 14 cm x with 2,5 cm

Material: artificial leather, reflector ribbon, strap, 100% PE

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 2.5 cm

Must mööblinahk, helkurpael ja ilupael.