Spa-bags set Stella

Beautiful and functional moisture-proof SPA bag to style you up!


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SPAbag “Stella” is developed and approved by users to carry it on your trips to SPA, to swimming pool, to sauna, for travelling: anywhere you could need moisture-proof bag. Stella is made from clear plastic and beautiful fabrics between those moisture-proof layers. In here we used lace, what makes bag also a little transparent.

Inside Stella-bag is separate clear zipper pocket (for example in order to keep your wet swimsuit in). During travelling you can use this pouch also with your travelling cosmetics in safety check line. Stella- bag has strenghtening in bottom and bag can opened with zipper to both sides.

Stella is one of our first and most popular item.

De la Rose Stella bags are mostly unique items, 100% handmade in Estonia.

Measurements: W29 x H20 x D9 cm
Measurements for inner pocket: W25 X H 17 cm

Material: 100%PVC + effect fabric.

Our aim in creating such beautiful pvc items is to reduce using one time plastic bags while going to gym or pool.

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Dimensions 29 × 9 × 20 cm



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