Backpack Brita 2.0

Highly practical and elegant backpack.

You can use the bag as backpack, shoulder bag or handbag and be accompanied by “Britta 2.0” either at office, at school, during training, hiking or travelling. Enjoy!


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Brita2.0 106-1. Available on backorder / .

Backpack “Britta 2.0” is 3cm longer version from our backpack “Britta”. This allows you easily to fit your 13″ laptop.

Highly practical and elegant backpack, what has several possibilities to use. You can use it as handbag to go to office, use it comfortably as shoulder bag during walking or as backpack during your travelling or everyday life. Bag has hand strap and one long strap, what could be used to wear bag either on shoulder or in back. We added additional strengthening to the backside and to bottom in order to keep the bag always in shape. On the sides there are magnetic fasteners, what you can open and gain some additional space inside.

Backpack is made from durable furniture leather/artificial leather . It is embellished with beautiful coloured ribbon stripes . Material is easily cleaned, if necessary.

“Britta 2.0″is also rainproof: we placed between top fabric and linen waterproof material. So even if rain catches you, your belongings on bag stay nicely dry.

Backpack has three zipper pockets: in front, on back and inside. Inside are also two open pockets. There is also reflector attached to the bag. You can close backpack either with zipper or with magnetic fastener.

De la Rose backpacks are all unique and 100% handmade. Please consider, that due to uniqueness and individual making, the bag you order/receive might vary a bit from bag on the picture by colour/colour pattern.

You can wash the bag with 30 C. While e using washing machine, please also use washing bag.


Measurements: W26 x H33 x D11 cm

Max.height of strap in shoulder strap position: 87 cm

Max height of straps in backstraps position: 79 cm

Material: For making our backpacks we are using materials, what are leftovers from local furniture industry, 100% PE


Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 11 × 33 cm

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